TDC unit is one of the tow universal flange making systems in the world . it can save time and material drastically with its wel – seal , strong and durable joint structure So it is specially suitable for producing a duct with a large sectional area . today many famous buildings in the world utilize his kind of structure in the ventilation i system such as the american kennedy Space center , guangzhou citic plaza etc . the unit consists of a feeding frame , main forming machine and a shearing unit , which includes grinder and hydraulic shearing unit . the hydraulic shearing unit makes fixed cutting available with very little : burr , and may be operated automatically : with a maximum work speed of 6m / min , it is divided into four types : t-20 t-30 t-35 , t 40 with their corresponding duct corner t – 20 dc t-30dc and t-40dc.

TDC made by sjr may match and produce : all the ducts in the dw144 standard , and has passed the hvac PW /TMI ( 1987 ) pressure test , which is a speciality test for the intensity and sealed condition of a duct.

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Tdc Flange Machine