Flexible Duct Connector Machine

There is a full automatic line for making the duct connector, the first is for punching the hole, and then is for connection the cloth and the steel strip. The machine use for make Canvas duct connector, Polyester Duct Connector, Fibreglass Duct Connector, flexible Duct Connector,insulated flex duct connector. Basic Configuration: Two set Electric material…

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Flexible Aluminum Foil Duct Machine

ATM-300M Technical Terms: (5,7- corrugation ridge, or 9-corrugation ridge )

ATM-300DM Technical Terms: (5,7- corrugation ridge double-walled )

  1、forming diameter:¢60――¢350mm

  2、pipe length 500――2000mm(no limit, it can make any length )

  3、thickness:0.050—0.15mm(aluminum), 0.035—0.10mm(stainless steel)→

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Flexible Duct Machine

Flexible duct machine is composed of uncoil table ,glue electronic stove and pipe wind machine. The machine can manufacture Single Aluminum Foil pipe,PVC Foil Pipe,Double layer tube forming as aluminum foil add polyester film,Double Aluminum Foil and insulated flexible duct. Flexible Duct Machine Main Data: Tube forming diameter φ80—φ600mm tube length range 300mm—–100000mm(or infinity) Diameter…

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Oval Tube Forming Machine

Oval Tube Forming Machine Feature:   1.produced by full-automatic,clean and dustless   2.the leakage rate is extremely low only 0.02   3.the lock seam is tight , the inner lock seam is smooth and leak less , the lock seam also has the reinforcement function   4.the structure is of high intensity , good rigidity , avoiding second noises…

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